A Special Message from Rich Johnson & Brian Gooding Newest Member Added to Firm: Marty Conrad, COO

sdut-marty-conrad-20160903Owners Rich Johnson & Brian Gooding are proud to announce the newest team member joining their firm, Marty Conrad. Bringing an extensive history in the real estate field, Marty will be joining the team as their chief operating officer, working side by side with owners Rich Johnson, Brian Gooding, and broker of record, Jim Berns. As a Northern Illinois graduate, Marty’s extensive history and reputation for ethics and efficiency are synonymous with the core values and principles that Windermere bases its foundation on. Having over 12 years of experience as VP of Coldwell Banker, Marty was responsible for the operation and profitability of 21 locations throughout San Diego and South Riverside county, working with thousands of sales associates and employees directly. 

Having served as a former Marine Officer in 1973, Marty lives and breathes leadership, bringing those key fundamentals to the Windermere team. Marty’s contribution to the team will allow Windermere to further educate it’s agents and staff, bringing in a new leadership dynamic to the already explosive powerhouse of a company. 

Rich Johnson exclaimed, “We couldn’t be happier to have gained such a well known, respected, and experienced member to our firm! With Marty joining us, we anticipate further growth within San Diego, and the entire Southern California region.”
Marty will be joining Rich and Brian as their new COO, working out of several of the Windermere Homes & Estates offices, located in San Diego County. Find out more about Marty Conrad’s transition onto the Windermere team by visiting www.whesd.com