Moving Your Dreams Forward

To Our Windermere Family:

As a real estate company – we find joy in helping people move their lives forward. Every day we ask ourselves, “how can we help our agents in staying connected to their clients and their dreams?”

While recent events might put our lives on hold, we know that your dreams aren’t – and they never should be. In a time where social distancing is becoming the day to day norm, we stand firm in our culture and beliefs that connecting people to their dreams is what it’s all about. Choosing Social Connecting over Social Distancing, and being there for you when you need us, and even when you don’t is what we strive for every day.

We strive to bring each clients’ unique vision of happiness to life with outstanding professionalism, attention to detail, and an over-commitment to service. We recognize the world is changing rapidly, especially over the last few weeks. We want to bring the highest level of service to you as clients and deliver meaningful innovation that helps you get closer to your dreams.

Despite the challenges that we are facing, significant business is still happening and demand remains high as rates are low and inventory is limited. Bringing tools and different means of communication is what keeps us connected in times like this. Tools like Zoom, GoogleHangouts, What’s App, and more keep us connected virtually and help us and our agents stay in contact and communicate with their clients during escrows, an array of appointments that may have happened in person, and more!

During this time of uncertainty, we want to be your constant; creating consistency and security in all aspects of life, not just real estate. Everyone within the Windermere family is here to support and assist through the spread of COVID-19 and beyond.

On behalf of our Windermere family across the west, we send our best for the health of you and your loved ones. You are part of our Windermere family, and we are here to support you! Much love to all of you as we get through this together.