WHE are Here to Support You

We at Windermere Homes & Estates (WHE) know the value of gaining support through the beginning of your real estate journey. There have been far too many instances where agents receive their real estate license and are lost in a sea of options, from which office to join, to who has the best splits.


While commission may be one of the first things on your mind, what we find is that support is the central key to each and every successful agent. Without constant support as a new agent, it is easy to get discouraged or off track in your path to success. With Windermere Homes & Estates, we can assure you that support will never be something you lack.


From the moment any new agent joins our company, Windermere sends out a welcome introduction, which is received by every member of our staff and team. Every agent is then able to personally welcome the new agent, while staff gears up to set up accounts, training, calendar events and more. The process may seem cumbersome at first, but getting set up is one of the most important things a new agent can do.


When it comes to WHE, we take pride in our on-boarding process. From the personal one-on-one assistance the new agent receives from their office coordinator, to the multitude of new agent training at the office, we are sure to make you feel at home when joining our family.

One thing that sets WHE apart from all other brokerages in the area is the central concept of family. From the start of WHE, we set out to create a team of people that felt more like family than colleagues. Whether you have questions about compliance, social media, blogging, open houses or best marketing practices, we always ensure that our agents, whether new or experienced, get the right kind of support they need.


With a growing team of office coordinators, marketing experts, risk assessment managers, and several office managers, we are sure that no matter the issue, you will have continuous support throughout whatever process you are going through.


Give us a call today to find out about how WHE can support you!  We look forward to hearing from you!


About Windermere Real Estate


Southern California-based Windermere Homes & Estates is the fastest growing real estate brokerage in California in 2015, according to industry magazine First Tuesday Journal. In just over 4 years, co-owners Rich Johnson and Brian Gooding have opened 19 offices and have had over 550 agents join their team. Their newest achievement, 2016 Brokerage Achievement of Excellence, was awarded to them by the San Diego Association of Realtors® (SDAR). Windermere Homes & Estates was honored to be the first recipient of the new annual SDAR Award given for standard of ethics, commitment to compliance and high regards for running their business.


Windermere Real Estate is ranked the largest regional real estate company in the Western U.S. with over 300 offices and 6,000 agents serving communities in Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Mexico. Last year, Windermere closed over 86,000 sides for more than $31.7 billion in dollar volume. The Windermere family has a proud heritage of serving our neighbors via the Windermere Foundation which funds services for low-income and homeless families. Since 1989, the Windermere Foundation has contributed more than 35 million dollars towards improving lives in the communities where we live and work. For more information, visit www.windermere.com.