Windermere Brings Concierge Program To Market

Convenient All-In-One Service Makes the Moving Process So Much Simpler

There are a lot of details involved in moving. You’ll need a range of services including moving vans, cleaning services, home repairs and much more.

Windermere has brought a comprehensive concierge platform onto the scene in San Diego and other markets, making moves and relocation of any size much easier.

The Windermere Concierge platform is designed to help Windermere clients effortlessly manage all important post-transaction tasks in the moving process. It’s the most comprehensive post-transaction concierge platform on the market.

This powerful, cutting edge-tool includes contact details for local vendors within the database and connects with smart-home devices such as Amazon, Alexa and Google Home, making searching for the right vendor incredibly easy.

This not only makes life a lot more convenient for clients, it also helps Windermere agents.

“The best part about it,” explains Senior Marketing Coordinator Katie Wyatt, “is that clients can go on and find vendors quickly and easily.”

For example, finding a painter is as easy as saying, “Hey Alexa, who are the top painters in my area?” Windermere Concierge allows homeowners to schedule cleaning companies, moving companies, repairs and so much more – all from one platform. This gives agents more time to focus on supporting their clients in other ways.

The Windermere Concierge platform also integrates seamlessly with SkySlope – a cloud-based real estate transaction management platform that can count down the days for each transactions. It provides homeowners with a checklist of the common tasks often involved in moving. Windermere Concierge also offers access to a human concierge via text, email or phone – to help with any moving needs.

Plus, this checklist updates in real-time, so homeowners can be working on it simultaneously with their partner (and even leave questions and comments). With Windermere Concierge, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel whenever someone moves. The common services needed, such as cleaners, painters and movers, will pop up whenever they are needed.

The goal of Windermere Concierge is to bring together all elements of the moving process, from transaction to set-up to appointments and much more.

“These days, people want things immediately and they don’t want to have to wait for an answer,” says Wyatt. “They ask Alexa to turn on the oven and turn on the lights or put something in their calendar. To be able to integrate with an action that’s already in someone’s daily life – is huge.”

Windermere Concierge is also the perfect addition to Windermere’s All In, For You campaign and the Private Client Collection. The Private Client Collection is a select number of trusted vendors that work directly with agents and their clients to make their move and transition as seamless as possible. Whether it be flooring, painting or window cleaning; the Private Client Collection vendors support Windermere agents in fronting a portion of the costs for the project; creating a hassle free journey through the end of escrow for both the agent and their clients.

Windermere is leading the way – with the vision that moving or relocating in the future will soon be just as easy as asking Alexa to turn on the lights.

About Windermere Homes & Estates

Windermere Homes & Estates has always focused on three basic principles: hire the best people, give them the best tools, create thriving communities. Collaboration not competition and building relationships with agents, clients and community partners has helped Windermere homes & Estates become one of the top 5 brokerages in California. Backed by Windermere Real Estate, the largest regional real estate company in the Western U.S. including over 300 offices and 6,500 agents serving communities in Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Mexico. Last year, Windermere closed 87,000 home sales for more than $36.7 billion in dollar volume.

Windermere Homes & Estates donates a portion of the proceeds from every home purchased or sold to the Windermere Foundation, which supports low-income and homeless families in the community. What started in 1989 as a grassroots foundation serving families in need in Washington state, has grown to encompass eleven states and has raised over $38 million for programs and organizations that provide shelter, clothing, children’s programs, emergency assistance and other services to those who need our help the most.

Windermere Homes & Estates was founded by Rich Johnson in 2013 and has been setting the standard ever since. The forward-thinking company has opened 17 offices and hired more than 500 agents with awards such as the Brokerage Achievement of Excellence and the Standards of Ethics, awarded by the San Diego Association of Realtors® (SDAR). Creating a “3rd place” for agents to collaborate and connect on a daily basis both virtually and in person has been a key factor in Windermere Homes & Estates’ success.

Katie Wyatt, Marketing Manager
Windermere Homes & Estates
[email protected]