Windermere Homes & Estates Welcomes Chip Gremillion!

chip_gremillion_400Windermere Homes and Estates is reaching new heights with new agents, Chip Gremillion is an exciting addition to the company’s growth. At Windermere Homes & Estates, we foster a learning environment that promotes technology savvy realtors who are ready to take on the market by storm. Chip encompasses all that and more. As twenty-six year desert resident he provides buyers and sellers with a broad knowledge of the markets in the greater Palm Springs Desert Resorts area.

Chip embraces technology and understands what video and media can do for his sellers. Coupled with exceptional marketing skills, he brings to his clients award winning video production and presentation. Prior to licensing as a realtor, Chip formed Orgininamics, Inc. a video production and marketing company and launched the award winning nightly television program, Real Estate Showcase.

In 2005 he was selected as “Small Businessman of the Year” for the California Senate District 37 for his pioneering work in utilizing Video on Demand to enhance the real estate market on cable television and the Internet. Chip is recognized as the first to develop a dedicated 24/7 Video on Demand channel showcasing most of Southern California real estate. Ready for the next chapter in his life, always having an interest in real estate becoming a licensed Realtor was the next logical step for Chip. And we’re excited he is here!

“It’s always exciting to have new talent in your company, especially with someone who is a constant professional and understands hard work. Chip Gremillion will be successful, I am more than confident in that and the reason for that success is going to be because he is innovative in his approaches and understands the importance of what our clients need,” says Brian Gooding, co-owner.

Chip is based out of our Palm Desert office located at 73-725 El Paseo Drive, Suite 23A in Palm Desert, CA and is appreciative of any inquiries/questions about the real estate market in the greater Palm Springs Resorts area. He can be contacted at 760-219-3225 or by email at [email protected]