Windermere Homes & Estates Welcomes Kara Courtney

Kara Courtney
Windermere Homes & Estates is proud to welcome Kara Courtney to the Aviara/South Carlsbad office. Kara has a deep understanding of the needs of home sellers and home buyers. She is skilled at putting a plan in place that will get them what they want while putting the most money in their pocket. Kara has created a business that meets the needs of sellers and buyers by making sure that they have the valuable information they need, their plans and transaction details happen on time and that they end up with the most net in their pocket.

Selling or buying a home is a big decision. Call Kara today before selling or buying a home in North San Diego County so you can get the best advice and end up with the most net in your pocket. Kara Courtney – 760-583-2226 or [email protected]