Windermere Homes & Estates Welcomes The Joslin Team!

Crystal Joslin has been licensed since 2005 and has worked closely with Top Producing Teams in San Diego. Brenton Joslin has been a licensed contractor for 30 years. This husband-wife duo strives to be a resource and foster a culture of great relationships with both clients and associates.

As a California native, Crystal spent her adolescent years in Tehachapi California, enjoying the true essence of “small town” living. With only one high school, one market, and no shopping, kids in the neighborhood had seldom options for fun…she dreamed of moving to a city that with endless opportunities. With earlier aspirations for a career in the medical field, Crystal enjoyed troubleshooting and problem solving, and most of all, loved to help others. With strong convictions and determination, Crystal always pushed herself, no matter what she was doing.

At the age of 23, and in the midst of raising 2 boys, Crystal purchased a duplex in the Lake Tahoe area. From the mountains of Lake Tahoe to the Coast of San Diego, Crystal was able to experience all seasons throughout her life. With her growing boys in mind, Crystal decided upon the area with the best options for schooling, which lead her to settle down in Rancho Carrillo Carlsbad.

Crystal attained her license in 2005 and began working as a trusted “resource” for all her clients. Since she herself wouldn’t feel confident selling anything until she knew everything about it, she began working as a Transaction Coordinator to Top Producing Teams in San Diego. The thought of making home ownership attainable to others became Crystals biggest goal yet. Using her knowledge of contracts, awareness of potential risks for clients, and her unparalleled experience transitioning from back end to front end sales, Crystal has learned that the best way to assist others, is to arm yourself with knowledge first.

Brenton Joslin grew up the Bay area and went to school at Prospect High in Saratoga. Brenton has an identical twin brother, so there was no lack of fun growing up. Immediately out of high school, he and his brother found themselves living on their own.

At the age of 18, Brenton and his identical twin brother began working in the San Francisco Union. Five years later acquired journeyman status. In the mid 90’s they started their own flooring company and together, he and his brother began their careers in the Bay area. They worked hard and had the pleasure of working with many high profile people during the height of the dot com boom.

Needing a change of scenery, Brenton decided to open a division of his flooring business in Carlsbad. He bought his first home in 2001 in Rancho Carrillo and has never looked back. It was evident early on that Brenton had a keen eye for design and continued to align his business with an emphasis on arts and design with custom wood flooring. he has a strong clientele following that value these details in their homes. His ability to turn a house into a home is unparalleled and he is a cornerstone to the vision of The Joslin Team.

“A trusted resource to be sure.  Crystal digs into the details until she has a full grasp of the issues in a transaction and is solid on the intricacies of a deal.  We’re proud to have The Joslin Team in our Aviara office,” says Brian Gooding, co-owner of Windermere Homes & Estates.

To see what The Joslin Team is doing you can contact them directly at [email protected], or by phone at 760.274.7756.

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